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    E-SOUND's Buzzer uses for smart home alarm system

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    Changzhou E-SOUND  Electronics CO., LTD  looks the future smart home.

    The application of passive buzzer uses in smart home.

    With more and more intelligent products have created, the security system becomes the one of the hot industry over the word.

    Especially in developed contries, many home has smart home equipments.

    Back to early 80s,  smart home lock or fingerprint lock seemed like  high-tech security systems. 

    However,  today in the 21st century,  high-tech door lock has already entered the many  familes.

    In addition to the intelligent password lock and fingerprint lock,  we have more smart home lock like, retina detect locks, lock voiceprint detection, mobile phone open door lock, and etc.

    And on these smart door lock device all need buzzers.

    What role does buzzer play on these intelligent door locks?

    Most of the intelligent security products, door locks all need to make noise in order to let people hear.

    E-SOUND wants to suggest some popular buzzers that use for smart home products. like DX9044,DX8585030,and passive buzzer DX1290.

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