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  • DXYD66N-18Z-4A loudspeaker
      • DXYD66N-18Z-4A loudspeaker
    Product Details

    ModelDXYD66N-18Z-4A<dxyd66n-18z-4a< td="">
    Impedance4 ohm
    Nominal Power 0.5w
    Maximum Power 1.0 w
    Resonance Frequency(Fo)350Hz
    Response: Fo~4800Hz
    S.P.L:  82&plusmn;3dB/W/M


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    E-Sound Electronics Co., Ltd. was first founded in 1989 and became a high-tech company in 1994. Combining R&D and production, E-Sound is specialized in innovation of technology and service in electro-acoustic field.

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